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Team-Based Learning

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A winning foundation
SBRNs are a mix of advanced technology, self-directed activites, multi-institutional teams, engage students across the educational continuum. The right balance might seem like an art, but is not: it emerges from a responsive, strategically sound and thoughtful effort.

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  • NSF Proposal: Unsuccessful application to the NSF, but is a great way to gain a more complete understanding of SBRN, formation, development and value. View the proposal here.
  • Tin Whiskers: In the process of examining lead-free solders -- leading to the failure mode called "tin whiskers" -- this SBRN will ultimately provide a tool sets used by researchers and designers giving industry a better tool to predict material reliability.
  • Industrial Marketing: Themes, scenarios, market, financial and technical content needs are developed through a multi-institutional SBRN team in consultation with a local company to define an Opportunity Analysis for an Industrial customer.

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