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Team Based Learning

Student Based Networks

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Achieving Value in Applications
Avia Group promotes innovation through research on group-centered activities. Of current interest are Team Based Learning, Student Based Research Networks, and Applied Research Networks.

Team based learning  

Team-Based Learning
Take class participation to the next level! Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too. Freely download sample TBL materials or join in developing case studies to share.


Student-Based Research Networks
An SBRN is a formalized technique to engage students across the educational continuum and to build an understanding of the innovation ecosystem through hands-on activity.

Applied Research Networks  

Applied Research Networks
Collaborative networks and consortiums bring together potential research partners from different organizations leading to dialogue that fosters pathways for applied research activity.

Contact Information  

Contact Us
Contact us to learn more about these projects. On the edge, yes, but innovative, provocative and open to others who want to achieve value in applications through group activity!

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